Pizzarette Grill

3:1 Pizza - Grill - Raclette

3 functions in 1 device

Yes, it has all the functions of the Pizzarette for making great mini pizzas. But this product also has a great grillling surface from cast aluminum! And try the raclette function with the pans too. 

This product is launched in 2017 and available with 2 fixed temperatures adjustable model giving you the control. 

  • FOB China
  • available at 110V and 230V
  • 6 persons model 
This is the first multi functional Funcooking appliance with a proffesional Pizza function. It is supplied with heating from the top as well as from the bottom. This allows you to use 1 appliance for 3 functions saving money and space and have triple the fun! 


In Switzerland and several other western European countries melting cheese in a pan is a great diner with potatoes and pickles. But many other dishes can be made in this new table oven.


Because this model has heating from the top and bottom you can expect great crispy pizzas.


The power is 1800Watt and designed to ensure grilled food with the “black” lines. 

Also available: Pizzarette with terracotta dome

Pizzarette also provides different models with a real terracotta dome. Cool touch, keep warm, round, square, hexagon, with pizza stone, you name it. Take a look and be amazed at the possibilities!