Grillerette Slim Instant

Grillerette Slim Instant

Smokeless BBQ with a briquette

 Grillerette Slim Instant has been developed for maximum comfort. Within minutes you are ready to use the grill.

Because the grease from the food runs to the side instead of dripping on the briquette, there will be no smoke.

– smokeless BBQ
– special design keeps the outside cool during usage
– easy to clean griddle and grease collector
– grill plate is evenly heated
– you can choose your color,  favorite grill plate and accessories




Easy to assemble

With a briquette


Ful color box


Optional: full color giftbox with 4 briquettes. The briquettes can easily be lit and are ready for use in just a few minutes!

Beef grill plate

Steak grill plate

1 layer bag

net bag

Optional: tong and brush

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