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Rob Smedema (1967) started his company in 2011 with his wife Marjolein. Under the name Food & Fun they launched Pizzarette. This product immediately became a success on the European market and in 2013 they started with Grillerette Deluxe. Pizzarette and Grillerette DeLuxe were new products on the market and through the time more models have been added. At this moment, their products are sold in over 12 countries.

F&F products is specialized in the development of products together with 2 partners in China who we work with since 2010. We seek distributors who launch our products into their own markets. Distributors know their local markets much better, they also have the right contacts and can more easily launch products into (online) retail then F&F products can. Distributors can also service their local markets better working in the same time zone. We see our distributors not only as valued customers, but as partners in the same chain from production to happy consumers. We need each other to make this a succes and many distributors have direct contact with our Chinese partners to optimize efficiency in communication.

At this moment, F&F products is still looking for distributors in many countries who are capable to launch new products into their own market. This does not only mean buying products, but also put effort in marketing and promotion directly to the consumers. You can check out our products page to see which products we produce or trade in. Let uw know what you are interested and let’s start with a video call to see if we have a match too.


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