We develop our own products, but also improve current products. After that, it's our goal to find partners for distribution and get people having fun at the dinner table.

These innovative products protect people from being skimmed contactless by criminals. Unique is the jamming signal which only starts to send when a skimmer is near.

Have a "look" inside your breast and regularly check it for irregularities. This new product enables you to see more at home than ever before without any radiation at all.

2017 - Pink Luminous Breast by Silkpro

It is an innovative, safe and effective way for women to understand their breast health in the comfort of their homes. It is a first of its kind product product providing awareness, peace of mind and confidence ensuring a healthy fulfilling life.  Luminous Breast by Silkpro views inside the breast tissue to detect abnormalities, which may potentially develop into serious breast problem over time.

Luminous Breast by Silkpro was created by Dr. Lin Yang, a world renowned Diode Laser inventor. Dr. Lin Yang ensured that Luminous Breast by Silkpro  is was designed and manufactured with highest standards. Luminous Breast by Silkpro is an at-home product to be used in conjunction with, but should not replace, mammograms, ultrasounds or other doctors office checks; it simply gives users an extra familiarity of personal breast health and possible situations.

2017 - Pizzarette Grill

This is the first multi functional Funcooking appliance with a professional Pizza function. It is supplied with heating from the top as well as from the bottom. This allows you to use 1 appliance for 3 functions saving money and space and have triple the fun.  
Grilling: The power is 1800Watt and designed to ensure grilled food with the "black" lines.
Pizza: Because this model has heating from the top and the bottom you can expect great crispy pizzas.
Raclette: In Switzerland and several other western European countries melting cheese in a pan is a great diner with potatoes and pickles. But many other dishes can be made in this new table oven. 

2017 - Rotisette Horizontal Rotisserie

This is the most easy to use rotisserie available. You only need to set the temperature between 120 and 250 degrees Celsius and activate the timer up to 60 minutes. Depending on what you want to grill this product is supplied with a range of accessoires. 

Wide set of accesoiries:

  • single rod
  • double rod
  • round basket
  • set of skewers
  • 2 side plates and 1 grease collector for easy cleaning

The glass lid turns the unit into an oven for optimal grilling but can be easy detached for cleaning.  If you want more information just contact us. 

Perfectly polished, polish-free fingertips in just one step with the Real Nails Polisher


  • Works in seconds to leave naked nails with a product-free shine
  • Glass shiner with micro raised etched cylinders etched onto the surface
  • Easy-to-use
  • Gives naturally glossy look on the go
  • Attached portable case
  • No toxic substances 

Are your bottles, cans and spices in your kitchen out of control? Are there too many bottles and spices which are already expired when you notice them? Roto-Caddy provides great storage and easy access to bottles, jars, cans, spices and more. Just spin and take. Your spice bottles or cans are always easy to find and you can get more room in your cabinets.

Roto-Caddy comes with 3 sizes which can locate different sizes bottles, cans, jars, spices, prescription, cosmetics and supplements. Unlike a typical rotating carousel, the Roto Caddy has two built turntables that bring items from the back to the front with a push of the finger. 

-organize cans and bottles
-maximize space efficiency
-available in 3 sizes

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